TOURS OF SKID ROW are designed to "change the mind set"! WE as residents of Skid Row welcome each and everyone to come and  TAKE A LOOK FOR YOURSELF at the "conditions of the streets" and the lack of services and the state of mind of individuals that reside within our community. Come and meet the people yourself and "NO LONGER" rely on the "opinions and views" of City, County or State agencies nor Service Providers.

In addition, our guides will "introduce you" when possible, to those  "supportive groups" which offer partnership and collaborations to outside groups wishing to become more involved in the "POSITIVE MOVEMENT" of our community.

TOURS OF SKID ROW will allow you to draw  your own conclusions and thereby allow you to provide "reasonable solutions" to the problems that confront our community.

FOR TOURS OF SKID ROW simply contact General Jeff, Manuel Benito Compito or Ron Crockett (on the "contact us" tab).

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